Scrubby Valentine Votives

I love a holiday that’s all about PINK!!  Valentine’s Day has inspired me to make 4 votives from 2 hot pink scrubbies from the Dollar Tree Store.  Aren’t they cute?!

What you’ll need is a pack of scrubbies (you’d be amazed at the colors they come it these days!)

When you take them out of the packaging they look like this.  You’ll notice that there’s a little circle that’s gathered in the center—pull that apart.

***You might also like to see how I made Holiday Wreaths out of silver scrubbies here:

The scrubbies will look like this when you take them apart.

If you’re a knitter, you’ll notice that scrubbies are knitted–who knew?!  Since they are knit circularly, and in Stocknet stitch, they WANT TO ROLL.  Which we love!  And we use to our advantage.

We are going to use two more items from the Dollar Tree store:  4 small bowls (4 for $1),

and 4 glass candle sticks $1 each.  They’ll eventually go together like this, but don’t glue them yet!

The scrubbies will cover 4 bowls–2 completely, and the other 2 will have wreath rims.

Start with the larger section of the scrubby and glue the rolled edge around the top of the rim with a glue gun.  Please notice that the scrubby is behind and below the edge of the glass bowl.

Next twist the bottom to get a snug fit and apply a lot of hot glue around the twist.  Hold it until the glue is dry and then cut the end off.

The nice thing is that the cut end fits perfectly inside the top of the candle stick.  Now glue the bowl and the candle stick together.  Use Epoxy.

Add a few beads from your stash or from old jewelry.  Light a little votive candle and that’s it!

I can do that!  And you can, too!


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  1. Mary Pullen

    Polly, You light up my life……with your clever creations. I have just started with Pinterest, and want to have a blog too. I just love all of your ideas. You are so inspiring! Mary

    • mrspollyrogers

      Aren’t you a darling, Mary! Thank you so much for your kind words. Have you joined me on my FaceBook page? If not, click on the “F” icon at the top right of this page and it will take you there.


  2. Michelle L

    Whaaaaat? That is the coolest scrubby upcycle I have EVER, EVER, EVER seen. Those are just beautiful and you are definitely a little bit weird in just the way I like.

  3. lulu

    gal…u r indeed a sista of my zany, color outsida lines philoshy of seeing the world thru the eyes of the child within and inviting her out to play often! u have a loyal follower n me….let the games and parade begin….lulu

  4. Marie

    Is the scrubby flammable? I would be reluctant to put a votive candle in there.

    • mrspollyrogers

      If you are worried, Marie, I would use the metal scrubbies. The scrubbie in this project is on the outside of the protective glass.

      Thanks for your comment.


  5. Kathleen

    Stocknet stitch…Aaaaaaaahahahaha! Which we love! I need to use this as a project for my mentally handicapped folk – they can do this and it won’t cost much at all! Uuuuhhh…do scrubbies come in other colors besides hot pink and grass green?

    • mrspollyrogers

      They do, Kathleen. I’ve seen Silver, and copper, and dark purple. And that’s just at my local Dollar Store. I think your people might really have fun making these. Thanks so much for your question.


  6. Marian Griffin

    Who knew that a scrubby could be used to make pretty things! Thanks, Polly.

  7. Amyb

    I may never look at a scrubby the same way again!


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