Re-Do Dollar Tree Valentine Heart Garland

This little re-do is fast and easy and inexpensive!  And I love the results.

I purchased a 9 foot red heart garland at the Dollar Tree for….you guessed it—$1!  Don’t you love their prices?


It has 50 hearts made out of an acrylic felt-like material—-that was enough for me to buy them!  They were already perfect for my purposes, so I didn’t have to do any cutting, and didn’t have to buy fabric! Now to embellish them a bit.

I took all the hearts off the silver jump rings.  Save those rings for another project!

Choose a lace that has curvy motifs and a close-together pattern (since the hearts are only 1-3/4″ square).  Use Design Master Super Silver spray paint, (gold might work well, too).  **I tried white spray paint first, but the felt-like fabric absorbed practically all the paint and you couldn’t see the lace imprint.


Spread the hearts out on paper outside.


Lay the lace on top like this.

Then spray through the lace with silver paint.  This is what they look like after the lace is removed.

Let the hearts dry.

Then string them on some 1/8″ ribbon.

50 hearts is a lot of hearts!

and hang them!  Pretty cute, and a lot of bang for your buck!

I can do that!  And you can, too!


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  1. Sharon

    I saw those very hearts today & almost bought them. Now know what to do with them. Thanks !

    • mrspollyrogers

      Oh I’m so glad, Sharon. I keep hearing that they’re sold out! Buy a few extra bags because there are many amazing things you can do with those hearts! At $1 each you won’t be sorry!

      Thanks so much for your kind words!


  2. Tomi

    Tried to find the garland at a Dollar Tree yesterday, and was looked at oddly when I asked if they had any.
    Today, different Dollar Tree, different results! I now have 200 little hearts to embellish:)
    Kind of excited….thanks for the good idea, Polly.

  3. Debbie from Illinois

    You are one clever girl!

  4. Carol Snyder

    Thanks for all of the ideas. I cleaned out one of our dollar tree stores of Valentine boxes Having fun with your inexpensive projects. thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate it.

  5. Marian Griffin

    How perfect! I’ll have to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year.

  6. Karen

    AMAZING! Looks great! So clever with the lace and new ribbon!

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