Dollar Tree Heart Box Valentine Wreath

Run to the Dollar Tree store TODAY and buy the Valentine plastic heart boxes—10 for a dollar!  You’ll need 2 packages to make this wreath.  It is fast, cheap and easy to make.  And looks adorable!  What more could a girl want?

This project came together so fast, it even amazed me!

You’ll need a base for your wreath.  I wanted a very narrow, almost invisible look, so I used the rim of an aluminum pie tin I saved for crafting–it’s a larger one, 10″ from edge to edge.  (Hint:  Aluminum dishes have all sorts of crafting uses, so you might want to hang on to them!)

I had already used the center, so here’s what it started out looking like.

Then I cut the side edge like this.

And ended up with this.  (You could use heavy wire for this project, too, which I considered).

I purchased 2 bags of heart boxes at the Dollar Tree ($1 each!)

Then all I did was hot glue them to the pie tin.  ***HINT:  When you get to the last 4-5 hearts—-dry fit them because you’ll need to maneuver them around so that they all fit on the pie tin wreath form.

They’ll look like this.

Next you’ll use white glue and some white glitter (I used the most inexpensive kind, which is generally found in the children’s crafting section of craft stores).

Use a sponge brush to apply white glue to the tops of the hearts and then sprinkle with glitter.  It’s like a little glitter party!  And you know how much I love glitter!

Then what you end up with is a charming Valentine Wreath that cost practically nothing to make.  So make one for your best friend, too!

I can do that!  And you can, too!


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  1. Lucy

    Aah! So glad I stumbled across this on Pinterest. :) The wreath is SO cute and SO cheap! What a treat. Thanks for sharing, and I plan on doing it!

    -Lucy @ Leading a Happy Life

  2. Daniela

    Love love love this im a crafter so this is a great idea

  3. Betty

    Just ran to the Dollar store for the hearts! They didn’t have white glitter. Thanks for this great idea!

    • mrspollyrogers

      Oh darn, Betty. You may have to go to a craft store to get the glitter. When others check for glitter, check in the wedding aisle, the toy aisle, the office supply aisle, and then ask.

      Thanks so much for your kind words!


  4. Blair

    How adorable and easy! I got all of my craft supplies and my best friend and I are making them this week:D Thank you for sharing your creative talents, Polly!!

  5. Kris Lee

    This is adorable, and now I have something fun to make for the grandkids and send to them for Valentines day!! Love this and the fact that I can make it and send it w/out breaking the bank.

  6. The Little Helper

    Yet another Polly Roger’s treat!! Thanks so much for this one…the Littlest Helper will be so excited to make one together!

  7. Cindy Cecil

    I love this fast craft. Looking forward to making this tomorrow!

    • mrspollyrogers

      You might want to pick up some extra bags of heart boxes (since they’re only $1 for 10!!). I’m in the midst of designing the accompanying garland. It’s cute!! Should be out tomorrow.


  8. janice

    I’m going to pick up the supplies and make this with my grandchildren tomorrow!

  9. Katie Smith

    I just discovered your blog last month and I love it!! Your blog is so cute, and this project is seriously adorable!!

    • mrspollyrogers

      Thanks so much, Katie!!


    • Cindy Cecil

      I just found Polly last month myself. I made the large paper star for the mantle that used old book pages. It turned out great! Bought 4 more stars at the Dollar Tree so I can make more for Christmas gifts next year! I love the fact that you can get these crafts done fast and Polly uses Dollar Tree for her craft supplies!

      • mrspollyrogers

        Oh that’s so exciting and great to hear, Cindy!! I really like making crafts that are cute, but are also affordable to make. And I especially like it when we recycle things like pie tins and use them in our crafting!

        Thanks so much for your kind words, Cindy.



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