Book Page Star Garland

I’ve been making charming Book Page Star Garlands for my mantle.

I think I told you I was doing a White Christmas decorative story this year when I made my Giant Book Page Star here:


It also goes with my Book Page Star Wreath here:


This garland drapes under my mantle.


You can see me demonstrate Book Page Star Garland here on Polly TV:


This is seriously simple and MAY cost you nothing if you have a book your willing to cut up, a sewing machine and some white thread.  That’s all you’ll need!  And of course a star template, which is here:  star template

My garland is made up of 48 stars.  You’ll notice it has a three dimensional look.  I place two stars on top of each other perfectly aligned, then sew them together in a long line on my sewing machine.

Once the entire garland is sewn, go back and fold each star in half away from the other.  This will give it a starry, starry look!

So first start out with about 12″ of extra thread before sewing the first star(s).  You’ll start at the tip of the five-pointed star (remember there are two on top of each other) and sew straight down, and as you get close to the end of the star, line up the next two stars (on top of each other).  Continue sewing until you get the length you want.  End by giving yourself an extra 12″ or so of thread, so you can tie the garland, or sew on a decorative ribbon.

You might want to consider using different kinds of paper.  Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to book pages!  You could even paint designs or abstracts on art paper and then cut out star motifs.  Use your imagination and make this project your own.

Add these garlands to your tree and your mantel.  Drape them around pictures or over chandeliers or in windows.  They are a sweet reminder that the Holidays don’t need to cost you a fortune.

Now, I can do that!  And you can, too!



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  1. boots moncler

    This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing, like always.

  2. Dawn Moore

    Awesome video and your garland is so pretty. I think I need to make my own :)

  3. Malvis

    Very pretty Mrs. Polly. The mantle is looking beautiful. I think I’ll try the garland with different color construction paper. My kids will love it. Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. Pinterest is bursting with links to you!

    • mrspollyrogers

      Thanks so much, Malvis! Do send along a photo when you’re finished, okay? I’d love to see your version. And I KNOW your kids will love it.

      Pinterest is a really fun place, I pin there, I hope you’ll follow me! So exciting our first week (plus one day) of being “live” on our website.

      Thanks again for your kind words!


  4. mrspollyrogers

    Aren’t you sweet, Sheryl!! Today is our first week anniversary! There’s lots more coming. I’m crafting all day today! Definitely send a photo when you finish your garland, okay? I’d love to see it.



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